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Demons is the full-length album from Station Six (The Breathing Backwards x Husked). It combines the personal demons of the artists with observational stories relating to the idea. It's about bottling up your pain and letting it eat you away from the inside out until you die. Shit's dark, dude.


released May 3, 2015

Andy Salend, Brian De La Cruz, Michael Garfinkle, Scarlet De Lemeny, My Fucking Demons.



all rights reserved


Station Six Columbus, Ohio

Station Six is an abstract rap/electronic duo consisting of MC The Breathing Backwards and producer Husked. Together they're just tryna put their emotions into music and create something meaningful. This shit is pretty dark, so be ready.

Parental Advisory, if I say fuck too much I'm sorry
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Track Name: Barriers [Intro]
We're fucking dark. Welcome.

break barriers? we knock em down // we tag em with our titles and we pass em around // we listen for the beat, it jumps off the rebound // from the actions were reacting, collapsing into the sound // its apparently insanity to spark up in the dark // calamity is guaranteed, an exclamation mark // shadows have shadows, no, im not the first to bark // but every dog will have his day, and on mine i shall embark // im packing up // and im ready to go // and im ready to show you motherfuckers what i know // im lining up everybody that i owe // and with the swiftness and the quickness my lyrics, to brains, will blow // like a rifle, take it away // its way to fucking powerful for little kids to play // im way too fucking dark for yall to see the light of day // so if im scaring you, just turn away // cuz i dont want you populating where i spit // i spit it reckless, then i quit, cuz i aint got no time for this // im busy (being not), thats just the way i live // so get off my back before its you i burn these pages with // set em ablaze, every time i try to face // all the demons i release in the lead that i erase // contemplate what i slip through the tightest basket case // i weave it til my fingers hurt, i kill what i create // im sorry, didnt mean to turn you on // with the blatant sadomasochism hidden in my songs // i dont live for gore, no, i just live to prove you wrong // cuz were both a couple pawns, in the night where we belong // but if i am you, and you are me, then how can we stay true? // cuz the way i see it, youre a leech, wishing you were blue // the music that i make aint for the masses, i just shoot what i feel // so are you spooked?
Track Name: Demons (ft. Scarlet De Lemeny)
Everyone's got their own personal Demons. These are mine.

i got demons on my shoulders, in my head, and in my eyes // and they convene once a week to plan my self-inflicted demise // im a sinner by nature, even more so within my mind // but even saints appreciate the will it takes to stay alive //

in these hard times, im a lost soul // another motherfucking lecture on lack of control // yall can see it in my eyes, cant you see this takes a toll? // well you will, when you journey down my rabbits black hole // its deep and its headed down the void // and its filled with all the memories of shit that i enjoyed // when i was a boy, but theyre now destroyed // my synapses are lonely, and theyre underemployed // i taste the bloodstains that i soaked into the carpet // with the critical tongue of an over-eager starving artist // tryna make a living plowing and devouring a harvest // that was doomed to rot in darkness from the start, we die // regardless of the farthest chartist preaching my catharsis // thinking they can plot me in a line defining narcissist // thinking that the devil finally captured my carcass // but these lyrics tell a tale of my heart beating for the heartless

// i got demons on my shoulders, in my head, and in my eyes // and they convene once a week to plan my self-inflicted demise // im a sinner by nature, even more so within my mind // but even saints appreciate the will it takes to stay alive //

im alive (barely) but im coming close // to passing the torch along post-overdose // i oppose those prose, overexposed // who propose that we pick every rose before they decompose // bloody nose? nah, just a vessel throat // just another helping hand to stabilize the boat that you rock // when you kick it forth, you kick it back, it floats // but it wont for too much more, til you devote your soul // to filling up the cracks // you gotta stress em out if you ever want to relax // you gotta go from flesh, to red, to blue, to black and back // and when you unpack, be ready to face the facts // of addiction, and conviction, and restrictions, its all the same // everyones got demons, we call them similar names // its all a game, well thats what they claim when they pass the blame // but the truth is every vein bleeds the same shade of insane

// i got demons on my shoulders, in my head, and in my eyes // and they convene once a week to plan my self-inflicted demise // im a sinner by nature, even more so within my mind // but even saints appreciate the will it takes to stay alive //

with a pound of flesh or a pound of blood // pumping through the veins of throats that just cant get enough // cuz i fucking love it, im soaking every word up // until these phrases turn me brainless, im facing all that i clutch // let me be, set me free, oh cherry tree // ill chop it down, though im a dishonest interviewee // and the truth only comes out when i spit it like an mc // but i lock that shit up so tightly, youd need a skeleton key to even try to see // into the fears behind me words // im the in-house writer for the theater of the absurd // and i might seem crazy, but i stay undeterred // im my goal to rip the wings off of all yalls ungrounded birds // i got one too many rushes and theyre headed to close my eyes // but now i swear to god that i actually feel alive // i may seize the night with visions of starry skies // but im not dead until i die
Track Name: The Dotted Line
It's cool, I'm more of a one-man wolf pack anyways...

lost in the moonlight - i need finding // these stars are too bright and theyre too blinding // keep my eyes wide open to soak it all in // ignorance is the original sin // i wish you could see me // maybe then youd believe me // im trying my hardest to be me // but theres no one around to receive me // im bleeding my soul on the page // and it tastes like a cocktail of sorrow and rage // i push the demons back into their cage // and return to my bed on the stage // gone with the wind (bye bye birdie) // if they only heard me // if i only halted my hurry // maybe then, my mind wouldnt be quite as blurry // im a sinner, youre a saint, lets mix our paint and then create // a portrait made from broken dreams and use it to communicate // all of the feelings that were lost inside the mother, to each others sense of safety // wont you kindly hold my legs down as you smother me in nothings? // pulled from my pre-frontal cortex i presented // i never meant to push you back on track to what you circumvented // i just wanted to make sure you were ready for the call // to quiet the alarm when i told you i was ready to fall // cynical a masterpiece, blindly fasten me // to stakes you made from bones of everyone whos taken after me // tie my hands and feet to empty buckets on the ground // and resonate my rhymes inside them, oh what a beautiful sound // what a beautiful world, what a beautiful life // the blood tastes better when i lick it off the knife // wont you join me, we can drink it through the night // and we can list the lies from anything i did right // im alright - thats what i tell myself these days // but the truth is id be lying if i said i didnt miss the early ways of the maze // every praying i could stay // but the futures bleak, and the past is ablaze // can i rephrase my manifesto once again? // can i build a little muscle tryna pick up the pen? // can i maybe find a little hope in praying once again // to a god i dont believe in for the will to let it end? // amen, brother, were all just tryna live // the guilt is the only inspiration left to give our dreams some realism // so we tell ourselves that right now // isnt heaven nor hell // but it is // like in a sense i think its both // i think that we hold light against everything we loathe // and we turn our smiles away from the light // cuz it seems that being happy is a fight // that were all bound to lose, when we blind out inhibitions // (we lose sight of the real mission) // to continue breathing, and believing, all of our false admissions // and getting caught on definitions of what am i doing here? // whats the true transmission? // whats the reason for all of the repetition? // why do lonely hearts seem to hog the ammunition // and give in to superstition? // is it tradition for me? like am i the next in line? // am i the final rebel body waiting for the sign // to split open and reveal my inner shrine? // cuz if thats the case, ill gladly enter the divine // where do i sign? (on the dotted line)
Track Name: Trapped
I'm sorry. I know this is my fault. It's just hard to process. I thought it was perfect. I thought we were perfect. It was all a myth. So no, I'm not okay. Fuck sunflowers.

they say that love will find you when you least expect it // i think i heard it, but i dont know where to test it // i was open, overcompensating madness // by accumulating passion pumping poetic progression past due // im searching for a change of pace // im searching for some new decor to add some color to my place // im searching for a matching outfit in the wardrobe of a lion // living lonely looking livid lowercase // and im lost - but my dear you may have found // a single tired atom bout to crash off the rebound against the brick // breaking thick // comprehend that the kaleidoscopic crazy comes connected common ground // and sound waves seem to penetrate my brain // with my lover moaning from the sheets, driving me insane // i was never one to try to take the trip to total trappings testing time // though now the topic trails me from the train // and its gaining, i wonder where the wonder went // it started off so simple whyd we wait our ways to wend? // whyd we wish upon a wishing well for permanency sent? // sorry sadness sowed a seedling so our story must suspend // it must suspend // i want it to end // i dont wanna tell her horror habit forming hands hold hate // helping hurt, happiness is holding stand // heavy soldiers slide a solo saddled serious command // with the hammer, the nails, baby screw me on a cross // dedicate my diary disciples dare to drop // diss me on the double, now kiss me like the crop that you created // con a carnival, collapsing til its caught in my arms // i adapt an angels advance // with an advocate to advise against my artisan // art of war, art of peace, anywhere the flames are fanned // im finally feeling feisty forward when we fuck, just like you planned // i get it: its not me, its you // its every eager elephant existing in our room // its the time it takes to overfill my heart until - kaboom - it bursts // beating battery burns out before the brew that you concocted takes a hold // of a heavy heart of gold // gossiping my greatness, while youre grasping to my goals // maybe let it go, maybe melt into the mold // maybe my messiah market made a marching band to mope // i might as well sing it, its making me feel sick // i might as well run it, like the clock i run that ticks // you raped my respect for the royal radio antics // so i rely on ramifying all the ruckus that we ripped when we were one // to keep my head from falling off // to keep the opportunist offering an overthought // every two-pence that you flipped me penned a penalty per plot // cuz now our storys proving pointless, fate flipped me off when she was horny // now shes hoping i wont hold her to it? // every hollow handkerchief i held - she fucking blew it // they tell you lifes a bitch, but they wont say that love is shit // cuz every classic, cinematic, crappy consequence constricts our field of view // this window seat is big enough for two // we can visit violent violets, and visualize the blue // we can bang between the barricades of benefits i drew // and the daring daily drying drops of your lawns morning dew // im sorry // and yeah i regret this end // i thought that everything we had was beautiful, but then it bent and it snapped // collapsing unto us what i could have sworn was love // so now you cant even stand to be my friend?
Track Name: Cutting Ties / Killing Memories
There's no other choice. Maybe someday, if I'm not famous or dead, I'll come home.
Track Name: Mirrors
It's not too late. You can still turn back.

you like the way your knuckles felt after you broke the mirror // it seems the cracks enable you to see yourself clearer // i always knew that you were not one to hide from rain // but then again i also know that we are not the same // i am a witness to a tragedy // one so classic i could pull the plot twist right outta me // i could quote soliloquies with perfect accuracy // and maybe i could lend a sonnet to your masterpiece // honestly im trying to forget it now // my empathy is tell me what i could have prevented, how? // i only listened to the show so i could fake a bow // and fool myself into believing i was one to disallow // the usage of abandonment to further gains outside the soul // you thought that you could eat it whole // you didnt feel before you acted, so you fucked yourself // and now im forced to watch it as it all unfolds? // whoa // so im pacing in circles again in my head // figuring i should return to the bed // figuring you will eventually listen to reason and come around from everything that you said // but maybe youre lost and i should let go of anger and aggression i thought i had kept // please, dont let me turn myself into a ghost // dont designate me as post-martyr honor in charge of the toast // how do i know what i should show? and what i should hide under toes? // is there any hail mary for me before too far you go? // gone, right outta the park // it used to be the inspiration you would spark // now out of anger at yourself you wanna burn your art? // in exchange for something risky that you wont remark? // shit // you know you used to be so cool // well i guess you had me fooled // cuz every afternoon id wait for you outside the school // but honestly now, i cant even stand to look at // you // like the way your knuckles felt after you broke the mirror // it seems the cracks enable you to see yourself clearer // i always knew that you were not one to hide from rain // but now i know that you and i are finally the same
Track Name: Art of Venting
Creativity is loud. Deafen the world.

shh, shes silent as shes filling up her bag // packing up her markers, now dont forget the mask // slipping on her sneakers, as shes pulling up her hood // now shes out the door, subconsciously praying its for good // soles connect to crete, feel the drizzle down her nose // the streetlights seem to guide the way - follow the golden glow // tightens up the straps as she nears her destination // she throws her bag up first, then she reaches elevation // now shes standing on the rooftops, scoping out the view // the canvas looks so naked, its beauty overdue // she contemplates her statement, she pulls out all her tools // and she begins to share her talent on that vent atop her school

she loves the sound of shaking up the cans // so used to feeling lonely, but the paint, it understands // she tells it all her secrets with the movement of her fingers // and the smell gives her a headrush, but she loves to let it linger // cuz it makes her feel alive, she can block out all the pain // of the day-to-day where no human will ever know her name // she wanders through these halls, and if she ever falls // nobody helps her up cuz shes nobody at all // invisible at school, and it makes her feel alone // but transparency hurts more when its fostered from the home // just a second thought to her mother and her father // they dont pay no interest, nah, the treat her like a bother // opportunity is calling her under the guise of sadness // some might fall a victim and release themselves to madness // but she opened up her mind and captured time so she could practice // now the cans extend her bodys decorative apparatus

so she paints - her feelings on the vent // she vents - through the guiding of the pen // the pen - that shit is more than mighty as the sword // and it keeps her conscience cool when shes burning at the core // she takes a step back and stares at what shes done // its beautiful - but her dream has just begin // she swears shes gonna run - shes gonna run away // but for now she just heads home, to live to paint another day
Track Name: Fuck Patience
Sharks stop moving, they die. That doesn't sound like fun, huh?

patience: its the art of hanging on // the wear and tear of vocal chords from spitting the same song // they say it gets better // its alright // no, fuck you, its wrong // dont ever try to sugarcoat the sweet relief prolonged // tie yourself to boxcars, and hitch it west // start anew, bust out all your pennies, reinvest // learn to play the numbers, look down at the depressed // cuz a certain stigma slices human hearts right out of chests // im not impressed - truthfully im tired // from carrying this baggage on the daily, cease fire // uninspired, unable to spark it and get higher // cuz the indica that mellows out has finally expired

fuck patience

suckerpunch the hotlines of the corrupted angelic // who try to feed us sympathies to hold off the rebellion // dont give in to morals if your heart aint fully in it // skimming turns to thinning im not winning unless im sinning so im here // tryna overcome another obstacle // tryna wait it out until the death of those responsible // impossible to underscore the hide-and-seek phenomenal // i turn the diabolical illusions that be optical into a volatile // symptom-ridden patients beat // taking off post-flatline, diagnosis incomplete // feel the heat, maybe itll burn you out your seat // but if you sit your ground youll find it cooler to release

fuck patience

fuck patience // fuck anyone holding back our sound // fuck a stomping ground // fuck sticking around // fuck anybody sturdy after reaching the renowned // fuck the fame // fuck the fortune // fuck the throne // fuck the crown // cuz i dont need nobody try to stall what im allowed // im climbing up the ladder to the top // fuck overcrowd // fuck your party line, when we change, we change it loud // so now this musics gonna define me and make my people proud

fuck patience
Track Name: Take it Back (ft. Michael Garfinkle)
It's what we do best. Fuck what's yours.

(TBB): i remember being too young to understand my problems // but old enough to contemplate various ways to solve them // i would listen to the way that shadows covered the debris // in a world so full of hate, but one that let me still be free // i was overdramatic - it foreshadowed my obsession // with learning how to function and create my own depression // i hated all the humor in the humble home i dwelled // but i appreciated every single story sean would tell // and when the summer rolled around, i contained myself in sounds // from the boys who put together an escape from every frown that i would witness // and when i stopped to just believe // i was standing tall against the walls of liquid sovereignty // i took it back

(MG): they got me on their radar, they love me for my sins // but that aint no even trade off, im out here tryna win // at what? // this aint no motherfucking competition // id be the same even if i had no pot to piss in // i aint gonna stop for nothing, i aint gonna stop to see shit // if i stop moving then im nothing but a fucking figment // another deer in headlights, another tragic story // tryna find my balance by rapping on this path to glory // tryna find the emerald city like a rapping dorothy // laughing as i keep swimming along, like a rapping dory // im feeling better about the direction thats headed for me // had i never come back to this, youd never be hearing from me

(TBB): wine to water, im no martyr, i got honor and respect for derelicts // keep me in check, inspect the wreckage where i slept // beckoning me into something darker than the rest // i wish you nothing but the best but unrelenting i will still obsess
(MG): well for me? i was still upset // tryna think about all of the shit i wish i didnt regret // everytime i think about it i just get it off my chest // and put it on the track so hopefully imma give it my best
(TBB): so we kill it in the microphone, to underly the type of tone // that fuels the social generation, even though were all alone // this counter-counter-cultures got us lost in the appeal // of the paper maché lyrics that their forcing us to feel
(MG): forcing us to feel - forcing us to kill our souls // so when we get up on the track, they dont hear our souls // every time they see us, they just try to dumb us down // cuz they know that if we really had control wed run this down and then wed burn it down
Track Name: Hive
I think we'd all rather be dead than dying.
Track Name: Low Light
If you're hearing this, it's too late. I'll see you on the other side. Sorry.

beauty drips down the walls // and you cannot stop me from mopping it all // i tried to share it, i tried to call // but alas, you were busy - or simply appalled // so im stuck in my rut, panicking, sinking like titanic-ing // you left me in the fire, burned me evil, call me anakin // my sorrow flows organic like lava, erupt volcanic // though just cuz i got demons it doesnt make me satanic // im a messianic fucker, discouraging yall from following // the path i leave is bare, and the trail that i blaze im hollowing // im lost up here apollo-ing, got all this space to wallow in // the bullets look like pills, so the bullets ill be swallowing // i used to be aggressive - i used to be on attack // but my closets over-stacked with bones, the hinges bout to snap // i kick back // but marrow keeps on slipping through the cracks // so baby gasp

hold your breath its almost over // turning blue from toe to shoulder // head remains dense as a boulder // bundled up its getting colder // almost there, lets count the steps // behind the path to my last breath // i really should have tried my best // but even then, id go from stress // trying to resist unrest // officer i do request // you kill this bug in beta test // and eat my roaches i protest // warning signs i never heard em // fighting chances: dont deserve em // passion spreading, sorrow cured em // feeling lost? ill refer em // first ill mute the noise // coming from my childhood toys // beckoning me to destroy them // ears divide, helen of troy // bridges burn, and pain collides // with chemical smoke filling skies // that beauty failed to yet define // i pass through entering divine // finally im letting go // of everything ive ever known // and all the stories that i kept // will find their peace among the dead // sorry friend but i must sleep // say goodbye and let me be // after all, i end my speech with demons taking over me

beauty drips down the walls // and you cannot stop me from mopping it all // i tried to share it, i tried to call // but alas, you were busy - or simply appalled // and you left me in the low light: nowhere at all
Track Name: The End [Outro]
We couldn't let it end on such a somber note. So here you go. Some lighter shit. You get one. Take it and run with it. Bye.