Bleeding Out (ft. Nate Corson)

by Station Six

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im tired and unmotivated // fuck everything that ive created // im intoxicated // now im dominated by crippling fear and self hatred // this state of mind has got me lost // im turning numb, but at what cost // i sit contemplating the wrong roads ive taken // ill die in my home: robert frost // please let me out of the cage ive been held // my processor is burning im about to melt // i ponder the heartache that i sold to myself // my private hell is making me wish i was someone else // somebody kinder, and blinder, and fonder of living in pain // somebody with greater inhibition of the talent needed to control my own brain // my name is tarnished, i cant stand to look at myself again, revisit all of the shame // maybe if i sever the phoniest vein ill regain the restraint to refrain from relapsing out of insane // cocaine for the slain is a pointless campaign to sustain // you reign inhumane // no idea just what i had til i abstained from it // now id kill my soul just to regain memories chains

still, i am alive // i am alive with the metallic eyes // chiseled from stone, steadiest tone // fascinated by emotionless ride // dinosaur bone, alien hide // never alone as i look to the sky // figure out who i am, how can i understand master plan of a man if i dont try // fuck every smile im done with the game // closing the gates only i am to blame // feed the lonely ill give em a showing of sourcing a code on the train // take me apart, down to my heart // down to the bloodiest fears in my scars // cuz empty emotions are gasping and moaning // but still nothing loves under art // so let me depart

fade to black, im bleeding out
i can feel them moving in the dark


released August 27, 2016
The Breathing Backwards
Nate Corson



all rights reserved


Station Six Columbus, Ohio

Station Six is an abstract rap/electronic duo consisting of MC The Breathing Backwards and producer Husked. Together they're just tryna put their emotions into music and create something meaningful. This shit is pretty dark, so be ready.

Parental Advisory, if I say fuck too much I'm sorry
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