The Walk Home

by Station Six

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Everyone's walk home is a little different. Be grateful you survived yours.

Inspired by The Walk Home animated short by Steve Cutts
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broken glass, used to bust my ass, stepping over tryna pass // "where you think youre going? you aint leaving, oh no not so fast" // pull me back, feel the crack of a louis slugger bat // theyre brandishing their knives, so i dipped like fuckin acrobat // i stumble, straight tripping down the street // blocking out the pain to solely focus on moving my feet // take a peek through the window of a lying lizard meet // corrupted blinders on the scales, to feared gazelle just tryna eat // murder, violence, theft and rape, thats the game the city plays // but i am just a pawn to the culture, planning my escape // i am not a killer, i am better, with a broken face // theyre setting cars on fire, im just tryna fuck up out the way // monsters with the weapons in the hoodies barely hide the trace // leaving bodies in the street, me, i feel so out of place // gotta take the alley to avoid the oh so common fate // of the those who call the bluff of the secret citys scary state // almost home, the projects that contain my bed // stopping by a body, seems so basic, covered congo red // take a closer look at the boy whos bodys full of lead // trippin, cuz i recognize my sorry head

dropping to my knees, ghosts appear from under streets // innocence and knowledge reach a phantom hand right out to me // pile on another, and another, we all start to weep // they cure my swollen eyes, and the show me what i need to see // the monsters break free from their ugly skin // guns and knives disappear, and hatred even starts to thin // and under sin, they no more grin a violent grin // im looking through a mirror at the fear that we all feel within // it hits me, i was wrong about the city // monsters only spook cuz conditions on these streets are shitty // no one dare to help us out, they dont see what i see now // society is broken as a whole, no one here is proud // were all human, just trying to survive // doing what we have to do to keep ourselves alive // and oh my, finally i see my killers eyes // as he takes his walk home, in a city built to help us die


released May 4, 2016
The Breathing Backwards // Husked // Steve Cutts



all rights reserved


Station Six Columbus, Ohio

Station Six is an abstract rap/electronic duo consisting of MC The Breathing Backwards and producer Husked. Together they're just tryna put their emotions into music and create something meaningful. This shit is pretty dark, so be ready.

Parental Advisory, if I say fuck too much I'm sorry
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